Karlberg, Philip

Karlberg, Philip

Philip Karlberg is one of Sweden’s most talented and prominent still life photographers. Over the years, he has gained extensive business experience, and he shares his time equally between editorial and commercial assignments.

Philip Karlberg is a productive photographer whose assignments take him all over the world, with clients such as Swarovski, Bang & Olufsen, Verizon and Volvo. Among the editorial clients are Vogue, Arena, Wallpaper, Tush, Plaza & Dansk magazine.

Besides his studio work he is also working on a few personal landscape projects. Over the years he has have found that he appreciates the beauty of being out in the nature more and more. There is something special about being out on a mountain, shaped over millions of years, without sight of modern civilisation. He also find it to be a nice contrast to work outside the studio once in a while, in the hands of the elements, without a laptop, cappuccinos or busy clients who tell him what to do ; )

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