Isaksson, Stefan

Isaksson, Stefan

The Nordic landscape with its magical light and shifting seasons often form the foundation in Stefan Isaksson's photography. "I'm drawn to muted colours and my compositions are relatively scaled-back with a few carefully placed elements in each picture. I want to convey a calm and restful feeling", Stefan says.

His interest in photography started in his teens whilst in Colorado as an exchange student. "I’ve always been adventurous, with a great interest in nature and a need to be outdoors. At first I shot a lot of downhill skiing, but on returning home to Sweden my subject-matter increasingly became simple landscapes and the people within those environments." That Stefan would choose a career as a photographer was not self-evident at first. He originally studied to be a design engineer and after graduating landed a job in the Volvo Cars design department. Whilst there he trained in CGI/3D visualisation and continued as a CGI artist at Volvo Cars for seven years. "During that time I learned to render computerised concepts of future models and place them into photographic environments which I often shot myself. It became clearer and clearer to me that it was possible to combine my knowledge of CGI with photography and vice versa."

In 2006 he received a scholarship from Kodak and The Swedish Association of Nature Photographers and his work started appearing in a variety of photography magazines. That exposure led to a lot of work during the 00s, shooting for photography agencies and producing work for display in public spaces.

Isaksson was represented by galleries in Sweden, USA, Germany, Turkey and Brazil and also held several solo exhibitions, parallel to which he started and ran several CGI teams in the consulting industry.

"My photographic breakthrough came in 2013 when I was commissioned to produce images of Volvo's new concept car, the Concept Coupé, for launch during the Frankfurt Trade Fair. The photographs were taken in Stockholm and since we didn’t have an actual prototype car, CGI was used in combination with retouch. After that I got further commissions, particularly from Volvo Cars."

Since 2014, Stefan has chosen to focus fully on his great passion - photography. He was one of the finalists in the prestigious photo contest Hasselblad Masters in 2016.

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