Holzherr, Florian

Holzherr, Florian

18 | 2 | 2015 We do not see things as they are, but as we are.

Born in 1970 in Munich.
Graduated High School in 1991.
Graduated from the „State Academy for Photo Design“ in Munich in 1999.
lectures and teaching: FH Trier, FH Kaiserslautern, GSD Harvard, FH-Darmstadt, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, FH-Potsdam.
Exhibitions: „Donald Judd‘s Marfa Texas“ Architecture Gallery Munich 2007.
TV Documentary for „Bayerischer Rundfunk“: James Turrell: „Heaven on Earth“ with A.Kratzert.Biennale 2012: Artist of the Israeli pavilion.
Since 1999, close cooperation with, among others, James Turrell and the „Chinati Foundation“.

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