Harniman, Nigel

Harniman, Nigel

Nigel Harniman has a long established career as an advertising stills photographer shooting globally for worldwide major brands for the last 20 years.

International premier brands have called on Harniman for new worldwide concept and production model launch images – the Continental GT launch for Bentley, the XF launch for Jaguar, Chrysler 300 in USA and subsequently Europe to name a few. This naturally developed into the CGI route of image production in both stills and animation and as the creative force behind Air-CGI. Detroit Electric selected him to create their new electric sports model SP:01 CG launch images for 2014/15. In addition to automotive advertising images, he also shoots landscapes and people/lifestyle.

Association of Photographers Open Awards 2013, Cream 2012, PDN USA Photo Annual 2011, he Epson Pano Awards 2011, Campaign Photo Awards 2010 and Association of Photographers London 2010, PDN USA Digital Pix 2009.

Website: Nigel Harniman online
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