Fluri, Miriam

Fluri, Miriam

I was born in 1976 in Solothurn, grew up and am at home in Thun. During my studies of architecture I got to know the craft of analogue photography and refined the art into the digital realm with an extra-occupational training at the GAF Zurich and the cap photo school. The studio stay in Genoa 2012 (scholarship of the city of Thun) completely ignited my fascination and enthusiasm for photography and I have been self-employed since then.

It is in the detail that the difference lies, which makes good quality high class. As an architect FH I am specialized in this. But just looking at the detail is not enough. You have to love it, and I do. As a photographer and architect I combine two professional skills in one person; two passions in one discipline. Architecture is a complex phenomenon that can be grasped immediately on site. This is what I expect from architectural photography.

A form of discovery and exploration, that is what photography means to me. A picture is like a small section of this world - a door that opens and reveals something new. This is what inspires me in landscape and nature photography. My pictures should be authentic and reflect the atmosphere; they should not scream, but speak a silent, clear language.