Belec, Petr

Belec, Petr

Belec Petr (1963) was born in Pilsen, CzechRepublic


I began photography at high school in the mid-eighties, photographing mainly school and sports events, and trips – basically using the school’s equipment or any equipment I could find, into which a black and white film would fit and that would result, at home in amateur conditions, in a black and white photograph being produced. Gradually, from these reportage-type beginnings grew my passion for landscape and nature photography, primarily images that do not feature animals or humans much, just the spirit and movement of the natural object itself.

My fascination with the technology of these magic little boxes, film-based analogue SLR cameras, and with control over the development of black and white photos progressed and in 2000 I bought my first digital SLR camera. Again there was this magic that I could produce my own colour photography at home. And to date I use this technology. Even though technology has moved on – the number of megapixels on offer has shot up, printers have become larger, more print colours are available and the camera has evolved to medium format – landscape photography has remained with me and I am convinced that technology is merely a medium by which one sees an object and if you see it the right way, you can achieve the same results even with a pinhole camera.

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