ALPA Alpagon 4.0/50 mm, SB34, in eShutter 250


ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/50 mm, SB34, e250

HR ALPAGON 50 mm - for perfect details

Anyone who automatically thinks of a standard focal length at term 50mm exposes himself as a 35mm photographer - at least regarding ALPA dimensions. In medium format, the HR ALPAGON 50mm plays the role of a moderate wide-angle lens, which is often referred to as a "report wide angle". This aspect makes it the ideal complement to the super wide angle HR ALPAGON 32mm and the "normal lens" HR ALPAGON 90mm with which it forms the "Holy Trinity" at ALPA. Like its "siblings" (HR ALPAGON 32mm and 90mm), the HR ALPAGON 50mm is optimized for the perfect resolution of even the finest details, guaranteeing extremely detailed and vivid images with perfect micro-contrast and tonal values. As with the other lenses in this range, the "50s" also recommend the use of a perfectly matched lens hood.

The HR ALPAGON 50mm is the shortest focal length in the ALPA universe, which is available as a so-called SB-34 lens with a "shortened" tube. This design allows a maximum of (creative) options (such as the combination of tilt and swing) and possible applications.

Scope of delivery: The product images are sample images and often show the lens with an ALPA HPF ring (High Precision Focusing). This HPF ring is not included in the scope of delivery of the lens. However, ALPA recommends the use of an HPF ring for optimum handling.

Lens tube: This is the standard version in Short Barrel. Version in Long Barrel available on special order.

Warning: If a short barrel lens is attached to an ALPA body without an appropriate adapter, mechanical damage to the rear lens element and the camera is possible. The focal plane shutter of the ALPA 12 FPS can also be damaged.

Product remarks: ALPA Alpagon 4.0/50 mm, SB34, in eShutter 250, custom made for ALPA by Rodenstock.


Item No 160.218.051
... L E N S D A T A ...
Focal Length 50 mm
Focal Length effective 51.68 mm
Aperture 4 f
Image Circle 90 mm
Close Focus .7 m
Filter Thread 67 mm
... C O M P A R I S O N ...
Comparable Focal Length @ 33x44 40 mm
Comparable Focal Length @ 40x54 33 mm
Lens Shift X @ 33x44 20 mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 33x44 23 mm +/-
Lens Shift X @ 40x54 13 mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 40x54 16 mm +/-
Best f stops digital f5.6 - f11
Best f stops film f8 - f22
... S H U T T E R ...
Shutter Type eShutter 250
Fastest Shutter Time 1/250 sec
Longest Shutter Time Silex Mk II: T, 128s sec
Fastest Flash Sync Time 1/250 sec
... D I M E N S I O N S ...
Width 90 mm
Height 90 mm
Weight 700 g


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