ALPA HXD Adapter for Hasselblad X type cameras


ALPA HXD Adapter

With the introduction of the ALPA adapter HXD, a variety of ALPA lenses and lens modules can now be used on current and future Hasselblad X cameras. The adapter allows the use of high-quality ALPA/Rodenstock optics from 32 to 180 mm on the Hasselblad X1D. Depending on the combination technical movements and multiple stitching beyond 100 megapixels become achievable.

By introducing the electronic shutter in the Hasselblad X1D and the camera's advantageously short flange distance, a wide range of high-quality ALPA-Short-Barrel lenses (SB-Mount = lenses with shortened lens board) can now be used. The high modularity of the ALPA platform opens up a wide range of combination options for optics from 32 to 180 mm focal length. In addition, lenses for Hasselblad V, Pentax 67 and those with PL mount can be attached via the respective ALPA lens modules. The design of the adapter allows easy and safe mounting.

Since the X-cameras can also be attached directly to ALPA bodies via this adapter, multiple stitching is also possible on an ALPA camera movements when long focal length lenses of type SB34 are used. Images of more than 100 MP become reality and with a sufficiently large image circle, even 9-fold stitches with even higher megapixel count can be realized. For a corresponding overview of the possible combinations please see the download area.

The comfortable aperture priority mode of the X cameras makes working extremely comfortable and easy. The electronic viewfinder and the large display allow reliable focusing by zooming and focus peaking.

Product remarks: ALPA HXD Adapter for Hasselblad X type cameras, allows a Hasselblad X body to be connected to ALPA lenses or camera bodies; depending on the adapter/camera combination, SB17 and SB34 lenses can be used in full; longer focal length SB34 lenses also allow multiple stitching on corresponding cameras; please consult the compatibility list online.


Item No 190.070.010
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Width 98 mm
Height 98 mm
Length 16 mm
Weight 69 g


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