Where to find ALPA at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2017

10.2017 - From 26th to 28th October 2017, the PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2017 will take place at the Javits Convention Center in New York Center. The ALPA platform can be found on several partner booths at the show as well as represented in New York.

Make an appointment and experience the modular ALPA platform together with a high-end digital back. Take the opportunity to feel the exceptional products yourself.

Whether for classic landscape and reportage photography, automotive and industry, to extreme macro solution, the flexible and highly modular ALPA system offers individual, customized solutions. Even if the majority of people are digital (up to 100 MP RAW) with ALPA today, ALPA does not neglect the classic film and still offers high-quality roll film backs for 6x7 and 6x9.

ALPA is also prepared for the convergence of still photography and video, allowing the use of cine optics via Arri PL connector and a variety of proven current and vintage lenses from Hasselblad H and V, Contax 645 or latest models from Canon and Nikon together with video-capable lenses Backs from Sinar and Hasselblad. In particular, Hasselblad offers the new H6D-100c model, which is also available separately, a digital back that allows 4K video in digital medium format.

Due to the exclusive collaboration between ALPA and Hasselblad, a fully compatible use of H lenses from Hasselblad on ALPA cameras became possible. This includes the use of the leaf shutter up to 1/1000s and hybrid operation together with the ALPA 12 FPS and its focal plane

Special Products Featured
ALPA GON Tripod Kit
ALPA Silex Control Unit
ALPA Arri Rosette, Set
ALPA Lens Module Hasselblad H
ALPA Lens Module Arri PL

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Partners showing ALPA at the Show or in New York...

• Capture Integration - Booth 149
The specialists from CI show you the ALPA with digital backs from Phase One together with  cameras and accessories from ALPA. Phase One offers a wide range of backs and resolution, as well as achromatic variants and the latest Trichromatic 100 MP. Capture Integration is a full service partner/dealer of ALPA.

Website Capture Integration
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• Hasselblad / Hasselblad Bron - Booth 237
On the Hasselblad / Hasselblad Bron booth, the most recent Hasselblad digital backs can be seen together with the electronic ALPA 12 FPS (with focal plane shutter) as with ALPA Silex on a ALPA 12 MAX operating Hasselblad H lenses. With ALPA Silex, electronically controlled lenses of Hasselblad or e.g. Canon can also be connected to any classic ALPA 12 body. Especially the now as standalone available H6D-100c will stun you.

Thanks to Hasselblad / H|B for showcasing ALPA x Hasselblad with the ALPA 12 FPS, the ALPA Silex and ALPA 12 MAX for H lenses and other combinations as well as the ALPA GON tripod head system.

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• Fotocare - New York
In addition, you can easily arrange an appointment with our New York ALPA dealer and partner Fotocare. You will find Fotocare at 41 W. 22nd Street (between 5th and 6th Ave). Fotocare offers a vast variety of combinations with ALPA and backs from Hasselblad, Phase One and Sinar.

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