Marco Introini - Exhibition

08.2015 - WHERE AND WHEN

Lecco, Area former Faini
Via San Nicolò, 9
30 July-31 October 2015
Tues - Sun 11:00 / 19:00


Digital Takes Command is an initiative that shows the horizons of designing and manufacturing advanced digital processes and manufacturing systems, materials and components for manufacturing and construction, consisting of:

An exhibition of design and production of digital text and images, drawings, photographs, models, audiovisual, entitled: "Scan the real from the industrial world to the global", which offers an open reflection on assumptions and instruments of the initiative, by Giulio Barazzetta, Enrico Morteo, Alberto Saibene.

An Integrated Laboratory prototyping and digital manufacturing, and practical experiences: computational design and manufacture robotic components and systems, by Pierpaolo Ruttico - Indexlab and custom manufacturing and computing material, edited by Ingrid Paoletti - Actlab.

A photo exhibition on the places and spaces in industrial Lecco entitled "Lecco place of production, the context of the industrial world", edited by Marco Introini. All photos were taken with ALPA.

Exhibition: Website Digital Takes Command
Photographer: Marco Introini


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