Exhibition 'Unseen Shadows'

03.2016 - "The project 'Unseen Shadows' goes back to an idea from the couple Himmel & Bassman in the 1950 years about abstracting fashion photography. With similar tools as in that time, diffuse lightning, shadows, blur and analog film material, this project aimed to create a new interoperation of nude art photography - a kind of female ethereous light sculptures."

All images are silver-gelatins prints on very old AGFA Baryt paper, using an experimental developer. The finish is made with oil color on the print itself.

The exhibition will take place 5 to 26 March 2016

Galerie im Haus | Konnenbergstraße 79
73614 Schorndorf | Germany

Website: www.photographicworks.ch
Photographer's page: Gareis, Klaus-Martin


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