ALPA im neuen MONOCLE Travel Guide 33

06.2018 - Wir freuen uns, im neuesten " MONOCLE Travel Guide Series 33" vertreten zu sein. Die neuste Ausgabe bringt wie gewohnt einen Einblick in die besten Dinge aus Zürich, Genf und Basel kombiniert dies mit kulinarischen und kulturellen Tipps.

Von der MONOCLE Website:
In this guide we delve into three Swiss cities and uncover what makes them tick. We tour the spotless streets of Zürich, highlighting its distinguished commercial-gallery scene, glistening lake, inviting swimming spots and burgeoning set of top-notch restaurants and bars. Next, we head west to explore Geneva, with its luxury retailers, independent chocolatiers and curious collection of architecture. Finally, we finish with a jaunt around petite Basel and admire its robust offering of contemporary structures and world-class museums. The Monocle Travel Guide to Zürich, Geneva + Basel celebrates the richness of these three cities and dives beneath the surface to bring an unexpected mix of creativity, entrepreneurialism and design."

The MONOCLE Travel Guide Series 33


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