Al Safar, auf den Spuren von Ibn Battuta

03.2019 - Englisch - For Al Safar’s activation debut, it was natural to support photographer Yan Bighetti de Flogny as he follows the footsteps of Ibn Battuta. A legendary traveler and storyteller, Ibn Battuta undertook the greatest tour of all, from Timbuktu to Quanzhou through Bulgaria and Indonesia. Switching the quill for the camera, Yan Bighetti adds his own questioning to that of his celebrated predecessor.

During the following three years, Al Safar will supervise this new ‘rihla’ (voyage) and enrich Yan Bighetti’s work and vision with original and innovative multimedia content. Although united by a common heritage, Ibn Battuta’s world has changed and the aspirations of Muslim communities living in it have evolved. In line with Ibn Battuta’s call for dialogue, Al Safar will celebrate the dynamism and diversity of these societies by giving voice to local artists and communities, thus delivering an inclusive and ground-breaking project based on genuine dialogue.

To this end, Al Safar has enlisted the invaluable support of core partners recognized globally for their commitment to peace and culture: National Geographic, UNESCO and the Misk Art Institute. Around them, Al Safar endeavors to create a close-knit community of similar-minded institutions, key opinion leaders and passionate individuals engaging collaboratively to produce high quality content that reaches effectively various audiences and especially young generations around the world. 

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©Yan Bighetti de Flogny / Misk Art Institute


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