A flash from the past

10.2015 - In July 2003 the UK GQ magazine featured the very rare ALPA 12 WA with Paul Smith style hand grips. They titled „ALPA male“ in an allusion to their famous „alpha male“ section. The hand grips were made in the typical Paul Smith style for display in PS shops in London. It is a very rare bird and a tad before the Leica X2 model for PS. Only two pairs were made as the material was so delicate and building them up from true Corian® layers was outraging expensive. The labour cost, material and reject rate was extremely high. It was a spontaneous project and made with passion but couldn't lead into a commercial product. Nevertheless, we remember they looked gorgeous. Both pairs were bought by aficionados. The photograph by Louis Girardi was taken with a mounted Carl Zeiss Biogon 4.5/38 mm, second series, the only interchangeable 38 mm Biogon made. Let us know if you have seen them in the wild!

Product Page: Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 4.5/38 mm, series 2, Copal 0 - discontinued

ALPA 12 WA with Paul Smith style hand grips A happy owner with the ALPA 12 WA with Paul Smith style hand grips
Original Image from GQ / A happy owner Man Hon Fong with his rare camera (here with an ALPA 12 SWA)


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