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11.2020 - ALPA of Switzerland is a web pioneer. Our first website went online nearly 25 years ago in 1996. This achievement made ALPA one of the early providers of a web presence after opening the World Wide Web to the general public. Since those early days, many things have changed rapidly - not only on the Internet.

We are pleased to invite you today to the "Soft Opening" of our latest web presence, "Mark VIII." Until we have migrated and polished up all current and historical data and information, the current website will remain at www.alpa.ch. At the end of the month, we retire our trusted old site from 2015 and redirect it to alpa.swiss.

Although the website has always been part of ALPA, it is now increasingly becoming part of our products. We will tell you more about the background, why alpa.ch becomes alpa.swiss, the new web technology in place, and keep you up to date during this month. Please use alpa.swiss as a domain address as the www address might block in some countries.

Our mail addresses will remain unchanged @alpa.ch.

Best regards from Zurich,
Your ALPAs

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