Portfolios of the Week w6

07.2018 - Since we are always interested to see the work of the ALPA photographers from around the world, the porfolio section on our website is very important to us. Our goal is to showcase outstanding works on our website to give you an impression of what is possible if you work with an ALPA camera setup and of course to provide spotlight for the photographers behind the works. To make sure, the photographers and their work get all the attention they deserve, we decided present selected portfolios and call it «Portfolios of the Week». During this week we will also share the works through our social media channels, giving it the utmost visibility possible..

For this week, we like to present works by Guy Havell, Joshua Loher, Louise Foubare, Jakob Bosch.

Guy Havell - The Art of Nature

"A collection of abstract images representing the colour, light, texture and movement of Karijini through my own personal interpretation. All images were made in the field and "in camera" with one exposure. Karijini, Western Australia. June 2018"

Photographer's page: Guy Havell
Portfolio: The Art of Nature/ Karijini

©Guy Havell

Jakob Bosch - Shinjuku Tokyo

Photographer's page: Jakob Bosch
Portfolio: Shinjuku Tokyo

©Jakob Bosch

Joshua Loher - Destilate

"This series, which was created in 2017, focuses on the essentials that define the respective buildings. The pictures show only excerpts and yet everything that is important.. The pictures are a condensation of design moments, so to speak the distillery of the design." Joshua Loher

Photographer's page: Joshua Loher
Portfolio: Destilate

©Joshua Loher

Louis Foubare - Achromatic 2017/2018

Photographer's page: Louis Foubare
Portfolio: Achromatic 2017/2018

©Louis Foubare



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