New video from tx-lab

03.2015 - Our Spanish representative and friend Txomin from tx-lab in Barcelona has published a new video on ALPA cameras.

Video-Link intern

  • Platon and the Mountain of Truth

    09.2020 - The shooting of the motion picture"Monte Verità" is currently in progress. On the set is the large-format, modular ALPA PLATON camera system.

  • Fine Art Architectural Photograpy Workshop

    08.2020 - Presented in collaboration with photographer Michael Haug and Light&Byte.

  • Webinar - The ALPA History

    07.2020 - Precision Toolmakers for Photographers - Webinar Fotocare, 4 August 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST ( 17:00 - 18:00 CEST).

  • photo basel 2020 virtual edition

    06.2020 - See all the participating galleries in a specially created online viewing room. This year, art fairs are happening in your living room.

  • ALPA cameras are "Objects of Applied Art"

    03.2020 - Four years in the making - China protects copyright of Swiss camera
    manufacturer ALPA Capaul and Weber Ltd.

  • The Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19

    03.2020 - Contact options in this extraordinary situation.

  • In Memoriam Zhou, Qiyue (Fred Zhou), 1962 - 2020

    02.2020 - On the passing of our highly esteemed, long-standing representative for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan today, 28 Februar 2020.

  • ALPA XO Quick Assembly Guide

    02.2020 - Well conceived design pays off.

  • Introducing ALPA XO

    12.2019 - Introducing ALPA XO for the FUJIFILM GFX100: Ultimate Protection, Better Ergonomics, Advanced Cinematography - Simply more than just a cage - Introductory Discount of 10% until end of January 2020

  • ALPA Switar Cine Primes

    12.2019 - The "larger than large" format ALPA Switar Cine Primes for the real large format...

  • ALPA Year-End Specials 2019

    12.2019 - Special kit offerings for end of 2019.

  • New ALPA Products in November

    11.2019 - Additions to the product portfolio.

  • Salon de la Photo Genève 2019

    11.2019 - After a successful first time last year, now for the second time in Geneva, Switzerland 15 and 16 of November.

  • ALPA XO at the Salon de la Photo Paris 2019

    11.2019 - Our Exoskeleton "on tour", this time at one of the world's largest photo fairs.

  • Open House bei PHOTO UNIVERSAL 2019

    11.2019 - ALPA on site Friday, 15 November in Fellbach, GER

  • ALPA Tech Alert - FW IQ4

    10.2019 - Important notice for users of Phase One IQ4 series digtal backs.

  • Firmware 5.11 - Exposure Lock

    10.2019 - Firmware upgrade 5.11 - ALPA products are always a sustainable investment.

  • Turner's House In Twickenham

    09.2019 - The 2015/2016 portfolio revisited - Our featured homepage photographs in September.

  • Introducing the ALPA 12 PANO

    09.2019 - The "Flat Stitching Machine" for extraordinary panoramas.

  • Panoramic Stitching with ALPA 12 PANO

    09.2019 - Panoramic Flat Stitching with the ALPA 12 PANO

  • ALPA Pentaprism for ALPA 12 PLUS

    09.2019 - A reminiscence and for improved insight in tricky situations.

  • Handgrips for ALPA 12 PLUS

    09.2019 - A classic adapted for a PLUS.

  • ALPA Open Doors

    08.2019 - ALPA Open Door Invitiation @ ALPA HQ in Zurich - 5 September 2019

  • The Eagle Has Landed

    07.2019 - 20 July 1969, 20:17:40 UTC - Switar on the Moon

  • ALPA Lenses in New Aperture Unit

    06.2019 - From SWA to FPS: New opportunities for modern digital backs with the all-new Rodenstock Aperture Unit.

  • ALPA Platon - The Big Picture

    06.2019 - Cine larger than large.

  • ALPA With Extended Management Team

    06.2019 - ALPA Next Generation.

  • Casper Faassen is honored with the "ALPA Award 2019"

    06.2019 - ALPA and photo basel are proud to announce the winner of this years award for his outstanding work presented at photo basel 2019.

  • Firmware 5.10 - Long Time Exposure

    06.2019 - Firmware upgrade 5.10 - ALPA products are always a sustainable investment.


    05.2019 - Introducing the new brand ALPA XO for a new range of thrilling products for the FUJIFILM GFX 100 and more - ALPA XO - From ALPA with Love!

  • Photo Basel 2019 and ALPA Award 2019

    05.2019 - From June 11 - 16 2019, Switzerland’s first and only art fair dedicated to the display and promotion of photography, returns to the Volkshaus Basel for its 5th edition.

  • Distortion Correction Revisited

    04.2019 - Distortion correction with the ALPA Lens Corrector. Enhancement/Update of the Lens Corrector files v9 for IQ4 100 & 150, Hasselblad X1D, Fujifilm GFX 50 series and more.

  • MAXimise Your Existing MAX

    04.2019 - Trade-in/Upgrade offer for actual customers.

  • ALPA Workshops 2019 - Part 2

    04.2019 - Focus Stacking in Studio and Architectural Photography

  • The History of the ALPA Short Barrel Concept

    03.2019 - The story in brief with interesting insights into the origins.

  • Photographic Shutters

    03.2019 - The era of the Copal shutter is nearing its end. Even if it is still available for a certain time, we have therefore written a historical summary of the history of photographic shutters and show the available alternatives with a brief outlook on the future.

  • ALPA Design Awards

    02.2019 - Each February 28/29, ALPA celebrates the anniversary of the company's (new) foundation in 1996. The SWA and FPS have won design awards on this journey.

  • ALPA Workshops 2019

    02.2019 - Architecture and Industrial Photography

  • RIP Karl Lagerfeld

    02.2019 - A great designer and photographer has passed away.

  • ALPA is LOVE

    02.2019 - And photography is what we love.

  • IQ4 150 - Good to Know

    02.2019 - Actual Status of the state-of-the-art next generation back and first impressions. Updates: First functioning one-shot solution for the operation of IQ4 150 on ALPA 12 FPS and Silex.

  • Introducing ALPA Lens Module Leica R

    02.2019 - Legendary 35mm glass comes to life again

  • Introducing ALPA Adapter Fuji G for Bellows

    02.2019 - New possibilities for high end focus stacking and more

  • Introducing ALPA Stitching Adapters for the ALPA 12 PLUS

    02.2019 - You have the choice

  • Introducing ALPA Lens Module Nikon F manual

    02.2019 - Access to one of the largest lens systems

  • The ALPA Story

    12.2018 - A short history of ALPA by Christoph Jehle in German "PhotoKlassik".

  • Hackaton in Berlin - Great success for ETH Zurich and ALPA

    12.2018 - Two teams from ETH Zurich and ALPA convince at Hackathon in Berlin

  • eShutter Availability and Promotion

    11.2018 - Once you've worked with an ALPA with lenses in eShutter, you don't want to go back.

  • ALPA Silex Mk II - The Tech Cam Powerhouse

    11.2018 - The grip with brains.

  • Firmware 5.01 - Control at your fingertip

    11.2018 - Firmware upgrade 5.01 - ALPA products are always a sustainable investment.

  • Introducing the new ALPA Stacking Solution

    11.2018 - The new gold standard in demanding focus stacking photography.

  • ALPA and Moving Image Projects

    11.2018 - ALPA is the perfect combination of medium-format photography and large format moving image.

  • ALPA 12 PLUS - Positive from every side

    10.2018 - ALPA introduces its newest technical camera: The ALPA 12 PLUS - positive from every side. 

  • More to come!

    10.2018 - Some exciting news will soon be revealed.

  • Salon de la Photo Genève

    10.2018 - Save the Date: For the first time in Geneva, Switzerland 16 and 17 of November organizied by Profot.

  • ALPA Spotlight: Burk Uzzle

    10.2018 - In this section ALPA introduces outstanding photographers in loose succession.

  • WE WON! PLATON wins cinecAward 2018

    10.2018 - The cinecAwards are presented by the Society for CineTechnik Bayern (CTB), and awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of the Motion Picture Technology. The ALPA Platon was awarded in the category Camera Technology.

  • ETH - Serendipity Project

    09.2018 - The students of the ETH set out for another research in the swiss mountains, again equiped with ALPA cameras for their second audiovisual fieldwork.


    09.2018 - Aperture tests with CONTAX 645 Lenses by Ralph Rosenbauer. What can you expect if you use these lenses in combination with an ALPA camera setup.

  • ALPA Silex Mk II - The Grip with Brains

    08.2018 - Introduction of the ALPA Silex Mk II, probably the most versatile control center in the photo universe in a single grip.

  • Operating ALPA Silex Mk II

    08.2018 - We have created a first series of short instructional videos. These will certainly be expanded in the future. Most of the information is also applicable for the ALPA 12 FPS.

  • ALPA SILEX Mk II On Location

    08.2018 - Alexander Schippel puts the new control unit to work.

  • New Major Firmware Release 5.00 for ALPA 12 FPS / Silex

    08.2018 - New major firmware release for ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA Silex Mk I and the new ALPA Silex Mk II.

  • Additonal ALPA Kits

    08.2018 - ALPA extends its practical complete photographic offers with tripod kits and a special handgrip kit for “electronic shutter” at favorable prices.

  • Wu, Guoyong receives Excellence Award & ALPA Award

    08.2018 - The Inter Gallery in Beijing announced the winner of its 2018 New Documentary Prize. The ceremony will take place on 8th of September 2018 at Inter Gallery, Bejing.

  • ALPA enhances camera kits and more

    07.2018 - We have revised our pre-configured camera kits and offer them now and until further notice at advantageous package conditions compared to the single products.

  • ALPA connects to Hasselblad X cameras

    06.2018 - Introduction of the ALPA HXD Adapter. This adapter allows the use of Hasselblad X cameras together with a variety of ALPA lenses and in combination with ALPA bodies and lens modules.

  • Olympic Park Workshop with Julian Calverley

    06.2018 - New edition of the magnificent ALPA Landscape Workshop with Julian Calverley at Olympic National Park in Washington State/USA from September 16 to 21, 2018 by Capture Integration.

  • ALPA Award gets featured in Financial Times

    06.2018 - Great response for the newly founded Award and for photo basel 2018.

  • Yoko Ikeda is honoured with the "ALPA Award 2018"

    06.2018 - ALPA and photo basel are proud to announce the first recipient of the newly founded Award.

  • ALPA Award at Photo Basel

    06.2018 - From 12 - 17 June 2018, Switzerland’s first and only art fair dedicated to the display and promotion of photography, returns to the Volkshaus Basel for its fourth

  • ALPA Lens Module Leica M

    05.2018 - ALPA introduces new Lens Module for Leica M lenses on ALPA 12 bodies.

  • CGIC - International CGI Congress, Münster/Osnabrück

    05.2018 - Safe-the-date, 14 to 15 June 2018: By targeting leading enterprises on the exhibitors’ side and a select professional audience and decision-makers on the visitors’ side, CGIC ensures a high level of quality and optimum synergies for all those involved.

  • AM Expo Revisited

    05.2018 - Keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Mirko Meboldt, Professor of Product Development at ETH Zurich on the occasion of the trade fair for additive manufacturing in Lucerne in March 2018.

  • Madrid from the Sky - Fine Art Photography Workshop

    05.2018 - Hands-on medium format experience with specialists in photography and postproduction.

  • Melting Landscapes

    05.2018 - Exhibition at ETH Zurich about the ever changing alpine landscapes.

  • Museum event - reproduction, cultural heritage and archival photography

    04.2018 - Exclusive specialist workshop by tx-lab on 17 May 2018 in Madrid - Specialists from ALPA are present.

  • "Nachtschwärmer" Opens Photographers Meeting Place in Berlin

    04.2018 - p: photography unlimited Berlin is to become the contact point for artistic photographers in the German capital. The first exhibition in May is dedicated to the series "Nachtschwärmer" by Bernhard Schurian.

  • The Building With a Signal Effect

    04.2018 - The new building by architects Jens Bohm and Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani in Zurich District 5 embodies the change in the former industrial quarter. Photographer Seraina Wirz from the Atelier für Architekturfotografie documented the office building with her ALPA.

  • Class for Medium-Format Photography

    04.2018 - Medium-format photography is fascinating and requires in-depth knowledge as well as craftsmanship. ALPA photographer Jost von Allmen now passes both on in a compact course.

  • The iPhone as a Professional Photographic Tool

    03.2018 - With the iPhone as a viewfinder and a multimedia notepad, post-processing of images can be ideally managed.

  • 10th Three Shadows Photography Award

    03.2018 - The ALPA Special Prize was awarded to the Shanghai photographer Chen Ronghui.

  • Architectural Photography Workshop in Zurich

    03.2018 - Photographer Goran Potkonjak gives insights into architectural photography with equipment from ALPA and Phase One.

  • Exhibition Opening "To the Peaks" by Chen Yewei

    03.2018 - ALPA-photographer Chen Yewei presents high altitude photography in Beijing.

  • 10 Years Three Shadows Award Exhibition

    03.2018 - China's leading institution for contemporary photography looks back on a decade of pioneering work.

  • Our Standard in Photogrammetry: ALPA 12 FPS add|metric

    03.2018 - The ALPA 12 FPS add|metric is the measuring instrument among the ALPA cameras and an example of how we implement special customer requirements.

  • ALPA Visits AM Expo

    03.2018 - Among other pioneers of Additive Manufacturing in Switzerland, ALPA participates at the AM Expo in Lucerne from March 6 to March 7, 2018.

  • ALPA 12 WA/SWA - Happy Birthday to You!

    02.2018 - Each February 28/29, ALPA celebrates the anniversary of the company's (new) foundation. On 28 February 2018, it will be its 22nd anniversary and at the same time the ALPA 12 WA/SWA will be introduced for the 20th time.

  • Get Even Closer with ALPA / Novoflex Bellows

    02.2018 - With BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S, ALPA / Novoflex offers the most valuable and versatile bellows on the market. Almost all common cameras and lenses from different manufacturers can be connected to it.

  • ALPA / Novoflex Levelling Base MBAL-PRO75

    02.2018 - The ALPA / Novoflex MBAL-PRO75 is a compact and heavy-duty levelling base. It is particularly suitable for panoramic photographers as well as a substructure for 3D tripod heads and gimbal heads.

  • ALPA 12 Meets Pentax 67

    02.2018 - Forty years of development have made Pentax 67 a household name in analogue medium format photography. With the ALPA lens module, the lenses of the series remain a safe value and for ambitious photographers new and creative ways will open up.

  • TrioPod-Pro 75 and Classic Ball 5 II

    02.2018 - With the latest two products, ALPA makes photographers' lives a little easier again. The TrioPod-Pro 75 tripod carries even the heaviest equipment reliably and is still easy to transport thanks to its replaceable carbon legs. The Classic Ball 5 II is aimed at the friends of tripod ball heads.

  • ALPA GON in Luminous Landscape

    01.2018 - Kevin Raber of Luminous Landscape reviewed the ALPA GON modular tripod accessory system.

  • I Like to Move It

    01.2018 - Extended lens alternatives for the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex.

  • A 10 Hour Film Exposure

    01.2018 - For his latest project, photographer Guy Havell stayed out days and nights. The result is a pure form of photography, captured on film.

  • Save the Date: ALPA Class 2018

    12.2017 - As part of the IF/SummerAcademy, we arrange the ALPA Class for photographers. The three day workshop will take place in Margreid, South Tyrol, from August 22 to August 26, 2018.

  • Upgrade for Older ALPA 12 SWA / WA Available

    12.2017 - ALPA offers an upgrade to allow the connection of older ALPA 12 SWA / WA models with short barrel lenses and adapters.

  • A Grand Reception for Stephans Schenk's Picture "Flanders"

    12.2017 - Stephan Schenk's picture cycle "Way of the Cross" is characterized by a strong reduction and is proof of the strengths of black and white photography. Recently, one of the pictures was handed over to New Zealand in memory of the First World War.

  • ALPA Kits 100 MP

    12.2017 - ALPA offers Kits with Hasselblad H6D-100c.

  • LA and NY from Above

    12.2017 - For his latest Publication "LANY", photographer Jeffrey Milstein explored Los Angeles and New York out of helicopters. Using high-resolution setups, he opens up new perspectives.

  • The ALPA GON Tripod Case for a Festive Price

    12.2017 - The modular ALPA GON system allows photographers to choose the right setting for each shooting and can be adjusted in a few simple steps. Until the end of the year, we offer the modules as a set in a tripod case for a special price of CHF 2,998 (ex Works Switzerland).

  • Internet Subjective

    12.2017 - With his latest work, photographer Philipp Klak takes the viewer to the parallel world of data centers.

  • Reproduction With ALPA: Quality Without Compromise

    11.2017 - Throughout his career, photographer Ardon Bar-Hama has made the most valuable writings of history available digitally. As part of his two most recent projects, he worked with his ALPA 12 TC for the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel.

  • Introducing ALPA Lens Module for Vintage Alpa 35 mm Lenses

    11.2017 - ALPA Capaul & Weber Ltd. also cares about the owners of historic Alpa 35mm lenses and offers now the possibility to use these vintage lenses on a current ALPA camera by introducing the ALPA Lens Module for Alpa 35mm lenses. Many of these lenses have their own unique image character and are waiting to be rediscovered.

  • Vintage Performance: Alpa Macro-Switar 50 mm and 100 MP

    11.2017 - What a nearly 50 year old lens can do.

  • Documenting Portugal's Build of the Centuries in Lisbon

    11.2017 - In an elaborate project, Hans Rupp and Maria Pedro Fonseca photograph the halls of the Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon. Their pictures show the inspanidual rooms as visitors will never see them again.

  • A Record Breaking Project Taken Into Focus

    11.2017 - At times, Coop's new distribution center was the largest private construction site in Switzerland. ALPA photographer Jean-Jacques Ruchti has accompanied it with his camera. A book about the special construction has emerged from the pictures.

  • Film-ready: ALPA 12 SWA and Helvetar 43 mm Limited Kit

    11.2017 - With the ALPA 12 SWA and the Apo-Helvetar 5.6 / 43 mm lens ALPA presents the ultimate wide-angle set for the friends of classical roll-film. The edition is limited to five pieces.

  • Where to find ALPA at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2017

    10.2017 - From 26th to 28th October 2017, the PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2017 will take place at the Javits Convention Center in New York Center. The ALPA platform can be found on several partner booths at the show as well as represented in New York.

  • New Accessory Mounting System "Universal Rail"

    10.2017 - ALPA and Novoflex are launching the Universal Rail system, a new product group for the attachment of accessories for video applications.

  • ALPA at the AHFAP Conference: Products that Set New Standards

    10.2017 - Macrophotography and photogrammetry are two application areas, that make ALPA's philosophy particularly visible. At the AHFAP Conference, we give insight into this world of high-performance photography.

  • Introduction ALPA Lens Module Contax 645

    10.2017 - A new kit in town. After lenses from the Hasselblad H and V ranges, ALPA is bringing new life to another classic: With the Contax 645 module, the lenses from this legendary medium-format series can be combined with the modern ALPA 12 FPS.

  • Planning and Scouting With the eFinder II

    09.2017 - ALPA’s eFinder II app converts your iPhone into a fully-fledged viewfinder
    and is the ideal tool for preparing shoots.

  • Tailor-Made 3D-Printed Photo Equipment

    09.2017 - Experts in the field of Additive Manufacturing attend the AMPA Conference at ETH Zurich. ALPA has been using the technology for years and is also part of the event.

  • We Are Meticulous in Terms of Quality: The ALPA Inspection for Lenses

    09.2017 - ALPA tests for the best - our customers and partners. Therefore, no lens leaves our house without having been thoroughly tested.

  • New ALPA-Representative in Australia and New Zealand

    08.2017 - ALPA is pleased to name Specular the new representative for Australia and New Zealand.

  • ALPA Video Edition

    08.2017 - A small selection of beautiful and exciting stories about photography.

  • Into the Wild with ALPA and Land Rover

    08.2017 - The misty Island of Skye was the scenery for the shooting of the new Land Rover Discovery. With his ALPA camera, photographer Julian Calverley captured both.

  • Out and about with the Phase One IQ3 100 MP Achromatic and the ALPA 12 TC

    08.2017 - Photographer Steve Gosling gives an insight into his monochromatic work with Phase One and ALPA.

  • ALPA 12 SWA: The New Edition of the Classic

    08.2017 - The ALPA 12 SWA is available as a revised version. Modern accessories can be combined with the camera by just a few handgrips.

  • Camera Kit for Hasselblad H

    08.2017 - The second ALPA camera kit of the summer brings together the ALPA 12 FPS with Hasselblad H series lenses and modern backs.

  • New Digital Life for Hasselblad V Lenses

    08.2017 - ALPA allows the use of older Hasselblad V series lenses with modern backs. The camera kit ALPA 12 FPS will be available for a special price until September 23rd.

  • ALPA Project Based Solutions: ALPA Focus Stacking

    07.2017 - Extreme macro photography with ALPA project based solutions.

  • When Even Insects Become Huge: Macro Photography With ALPA

    07.2017 - Together with the photographer Bernhard Schurian from the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, ALPA developed a camera setup that breaks the standards of macro photography.

  • ALPA Combines Analogue and Digital

    06.2017 - Photography with film is currently experiencing a revival as a niche. ALPA is one of the only manufacturers in the world whose cameras can be used both digitally and analogously.

  • How Lens Shades Can Save Your Hard Work

    06.2017 - Lens Shades from ALPA come out of a 3D Printer and perform perfectly. They even solve problems with light spots.

  • A Case Full of Possibilities: ALPA GON Tripod Kit

    06.2017 - The ALPA GON modular system fits any photographic application. Now it comes as a set in a solid case.

  • Forum Pro-Images 2017

    06.2017 - ALPA at Forum Pro-Images in Paris - 19th and 20th June 2017 at Cyclone Le Studio

  • Join ALPA Class in Italy and Learn from Professionals

    06.2017 - Our first ALPA class in Italy will take place at the end of August in South Tyrol. The registration deadline has been extended until June 30.

  • Visit ALPA at STAND OUT

    06.2017 - Photographers, enthusiasts, business minds and influencers meet at the STAND OUT Forum Zurich on the third of July.

  • ALPA on the Road in China

    06.2017 - ALPA China is hosting several workshops these days. The first one took place at the end of May in Shanghai.

  • PIC-Workshop Was a Big Success

    05.2017 - For the first time, ALPA participated in the PIC workshop. The feedback is highly positive.

  • Introducing ALPA Silex

    05.2017 - New camera combinations using ALPA Silex, ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA), ALPA Lens Module Hasselblad fix (HAF).

  • ALPA GON in the Field: Dan Lindberg's First Impression

    05.2017 - Dan Lindberg took his ALPA and the new GON out for a ride through the hills of Southern Spain.

  • ALPA GON Now Fully Available

    05.2017 - Our new ALPA GON Tripod Heads and Modules are now on stock in numbers.

  • Buy Your ALPA Camera on Instagram?

    04.2017 - Follow ALPA on Instagram and make striking deals. Our test promotion starts on Sunday, 23 April with a limited stock of used ALPA 12 XY cameras.

  • First ALPA Class in Italy

    04.2017 - As part of the IF/Summer Academy, we arrange the first ALPA Class for photographers. Our three day workshop will take place in Margreid, South Tyrol, Italy from august 23 to august 27, 2017.

  • New ALPA GON in Action

    04.2017 - With the new modular GON, ALPA opens a new perspective to photographers. The parts are universally usable, not only with an ALPA camera. Rosa Araci Henriques pictures of Portugal's Algarve show exactly how it works.

  • More Versatile Than Ever: the New ALPA GON

    03.2017 - A high precision tool like an ALPA camera depends on perfect accessory. That is why we designed the new and highly modular tripod head, the ALPA GON.

  • Printing Cities and Other Things

    03.2017 - With her work „New Artificiality“, Swiss photographer Catherine Leutenegger approaches to modern additive manufacturing in China. In a much smaller scale, the technology is also being used by ALPA.

  • ALPA 12 XY Limited Edition 10 Years: The End of an Era

    03.2017 - When ALPA released the ALPA 12 XY camera in 2006, it opened a new chapter in high precision photography. Ten years later, it is time to focus on another one. But a final series of ten ALPA 12 XY is available in a limited and numbered edition.

  • Where Nasa Goes Next

    01.2017 - Benedict Redgrove featured in a WIRED UK special with his epic work on NASA. Documented with his ALPA 12 MAX and STC.

  • ALPA 12 FPS in Digital Heritage (South Africa)

    12.2016 - David Larsen and South African natural history researcher Thembeka Nxele working with the ALPA 12 FPS.

  • Unprecedented Versatility – The Alpa 12 FPS Technical Camera

    12.2016 - The ALPA 12 FPS in digital heritage conservation for Africa Media Online.

  • ALPA 12 STC in Landscape Photography

    11.2016 - Our Spanish rep Tx-lab presenting the ALPA 12 STC.

  • Making-of Mercedes CLA

    11.2016 - Holger Wild behind the scenes.

  • Newsshooter on ALPA and medium format video camera

    10.2016 - A video coverage with interview by on the ALPA booth during Photokina 2016.

  • Photokina 2016 News

    09.2016 - Photokina 2016 will take place 20 - 25 September in Cologne.

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA modularizes the bellows

    09.2016 - A new approach to the bellows (camera).

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA introduces ALPA eShutter Control - New Shutter Options

    09.2016 - World's first fully mobile control unit for the Sinar/Rodenstock eShutter.

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA Silex - The new Swiss knife

    09.2016 - New modularity and versatility in medium format photography.

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA supports the new Sinarback S 30|45

    09.2016 - Adaptation for the new Sinarback.

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA modularizes the tripod head

    09.2016 - A new approach to tripod heads.

  • Photokina 2016: Hasselblad and ALPA Sharing Expertise

    09.2016 - Collaboration announced

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA launches the ALPA Anniversary Edition Set

    08.2016 - ALPA launches the ALPA Anniversary Edition Set commemorating 70 years of ALPA as brand and 20 years ALPA 12 Medium Format System.

  • Photokina 2016: ALPA Introduces ALPA Arri PL Mount

    08.2016 - ALPA releases additional products for still and movie photography

  • Workarounds

    08.2016 - Tips and tricks how to overcome shortcomings (to be enhanced).

  • A successful collaboration with separate viewpoints

    07.2016 - Exploring the UK's North from two completely different viewpoints.

  • ALPA Check & Clean Service

    05.2016 - Complete Program for maintaining your camera and upgrading/modifying your lenses.

  • Podas and ALPA in Mongolia 2016

    05.2016 - See Mongolia with The Ultimate Camera Systems

  • Complete Range of Lens Shades

    05.2016 - ALPA offers now a complete range of dedicated and optimized lens shades made from additive manufacturing.

  • ALPA Enthusiasts - 40° Celsius Club

    04.2016 - Chinese ALPA enthusiasts in Tibet, March 2016

  • ALPA Anniversary - History Repeating?

    04.2016 - Interesting findings and parallels from the old and new company history.

  • ALPA's 20th and 70th Birthday

    02.2016 - In 2016 ALPA of Switzerland celebrates a double jubilee: 20 Years Medium Format System ALPA 12 and 70 Years ALPA as a camera brand.

  • Setup ALPA 12 STC by TxLab

    02.2016 - Our Spanish representative TxLab has published a new instruction video.

  • ALPA/Phase One A-Series in "Le Figaro", Paris

    02.2016 - Extraordinary cameras in the High-Tech section of French newspaper "Le Figaro".

  • Portrait work with the ALPA 12 FPS and IQ3 100MP

    02.2016 - Combing the ALPA 12 FPS with modern CMOS backs and portrait lenses like the Carl Zeiss Contax 645 Sonnar T* 2.8/140mm opens up new horizons in portrait photography.

  • Introducing the A-Series 100 MP

    02.2016 - Making-of video and images from testing the pre-series IQ3 100 MP and the ALPA 12 TC / A-Series at Zermatt / Valais

  • Tech Info Contax 645 Lenses

    01.2016 - Tests, illustrations and facts...

  • New Phase One 100 MP Back on the ALPA

    01.2016 - Phase One launched their newest IQ3 back with 100 MP.

  • Product introductions December 2015

    12.2015 - ALPA is introducing various new products before Christmas.

  • Gear of the Year 2015 - ALPA /Phase One A-Series

    12.2015 - The British Journal of Photography has chosen their favorite photographic gear for 2015.

  • Another Break in the Wall

    11.2015 - Around the world with an ALPA 12 SWA: Michael Korte opens up the viewer’s perspective as he visually breaks through walls with his project ‚Line of Sight‘.

  • A flash from the past

    10.2015 - ALPA 12 WA with Paul Smith style hand grips featured in UK GQ 07/2003.

  • Scanderbeg Sauer, campaign for TLD .swiss

    10.2015 - Promotion campaign for the introduction of the new TLD .swiss for the Swiss Federal office of Communications (OFCOM)

  • New stitching adapter MAX

    10.2015 - Stitching adapter Mk II for ALPA 12 MAX with integrated dove tail.

  • New A-series extends compatibility

    10.2015 - The A-Series now fully compatible with XF camera sytem (IQ3).

  • New FPS Lens Module CONTAX 645 Shift

    10.2015 - Lens module for ALPA 12 FPS.

  • New stitching adapter STC/FPS

    10.2015 - Stitching Adapter for ALPA 12 STC/FPS with integrated dovetail.
    Omnidirectional: Mount the ALPA 12 STC vertically with the new ALPA 12 STC stitching adapter.

  • Enthusiasts items - ALPA portrait in "Bilanz"

    10.2015 - Swiss economic magazine "Bilanz" features ALPA in their October 15 edition.

  • Luxury Magazine Article on ALPA 12 TC

    10.2015 - For all our Spanish readers: Article on the ALPA 12 TC in Luxury magazine.

  • Join ALPA at PhotoPlus 2015

    10.2015 - Don’t miss this opportunity to visit us at the ALPA booth 474 by Capture Integration during the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC October 22nd - 24th 2015.

  • Profot Zürich feiert Geburtstag – Wir feiern mit

    09.2015 - Am Open-House-Event am 2. Oktober 2015 in Zürich ist neben zahlreichen weiteren Marken natürlich auch ALPA vertreten.

  • Die Bilanz: Extravaganz

    09.2015 - Werner Kieser im Interview in Bilanz, dem Schweizer Wirtschaftsmagazin

  • ALPA Workshop by CI with Julian Calverley

    09.2015 - An exclusive landscape workshop in September 2015

  • Resolution at the (tree-) top

    08.2015 - ALPA Equipment enables impressive outlooks even inside.

  • Slow photography - ALPA/Phase One A-Series reviewed by pdn magazine

    08.2015 - Camera review on Features, Design and Image Quality of the A-series 250.

  • A vast choice of lenses with the ALPA 12 FPS

    07.2015 - The ALPA 12 FPS offers a new dimension in using ALPA and third party lenses. See some new samples.

  • Achromatic Revisited

    07.2015 - Non-interpolated resolution on the ALPA 12 FPS with various lenses.

  • Reference Class

    07.2015 - New design of ALPA's core lenses.

  • Mouchoir ALPA

    07.2015 - The new ALPA instructional lens cloth/handkerchief.

  • ALPA featured in "PhotoKlassik"

    07.2015 - The big ALPA story in German special magazine for classical photographic techniques "PhotoKlassik".

  • Wired UK - ALPA Phase One A-Series

    06.2015 - Rated & reviewd in their Gear/Fetish Section of WIRED UK July 2015

  • ALPA Phase One A-Series and new Website

    06.2015 - New website and new product page

  • Article on our cutting edge lens shades

    05.2015 - The leading Newsportals for 3D Printing released articles about our new, in additive-manufacturing produced lens shades.

  • The New ALPA Website

    05.2015 - Additional information and tips to the functionality of the new site.

  • New ALPA Dealer for Iran

    04.2015 - ALPA expands its dealer network.

  • ALPA Sync Release Mk II

    03.2015 - The new triggering experience.

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