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01.2019 - The new IQ4 150 digital back from Phase One is an exciting product. As so often, many ALPA owners will be first movers. Relevant information for users: The Phase One firmware development is ongoing, and the compatibility for ALPA cameras (Flash Sync Mode) is not yet given. Besides, the new digital backs have a new 12-pin multipin connector, which is not directly hardware-compatible with the previous 8-pin connector. Currently, the "Electronic Shutter" is supposed to work. As soon as we have verified the information and have conducted tests, we will inform our customers which are the best upgrade options for sync cables and new ALPA products to be expected.

Brad Kaye from Capture Integration has written a very worth reading article about the first findings of the new Phase One digital back IQ4 150. Have a look!

IQ4-150: The BEST digital back EVER for Technical Camera use - Brad Kaye, Capture Integration

UPDATE 6: 01.2019
A breakthrough: After we finally received a complete set of IQ4 150 and Phase One 12-pin beta cables, the modular and flexible architecture of the ALPA 12 FPS allowed us to develop an interim solution for our users within a very short time. As soon as we receive cables for modification, we can offer ALPA users of the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA 12 Silex Mk II a working one-shot solution. Waiting for a final firmware for the Phase One IQ4 150. We stay working on it!

Preliminary Remarks & Thanks

Tests were performed with IQ4 150 (firmware 1.01.18) on an ALPA 12 FPS (firmware 5.01) and a beta cable from Phase One. Many thanks for the loan by Prophot Switzerland and counter-test by Foto Care New York.

In this firmware version (1.01.18), the back requires an unusually long latency between waking up and triggering the exposure. This results in a slightly longer trigger delay.

Phase One beta cables can only be connected to the flash sync port of the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex. However, in firmware 5.01 Silex only operates the flash signal on this port and cannot supply a parallel signal. For this reason, users of ALPA Silex Mk II will have to wait until ALPA receives correct cables from Phase One for modification to LEMO.

Since the flash sync port is occupied for back control, no flash exposure can currently be taken in this configuration.

Download Interim Sync Program for ALPA 12 FPS/Silex operating IQ4 150

No worries, shaking in the video due to using just a soft pad and no proper tripod.

UPDATE 5: 01.2019
The attempts with the "Break-Out-Box" (BOB) from Phase One have unfortunately been unsuccessful. Although the IQ4 150 can be triggered in "electronic shutter" mode, no signals are transmitted from the Copal shutter. A countercheck with a phase cable with integrated wake-up button ( installed before the BOB) was also negative.

UPDATE 4: 01.2019
A test result from our rooftop testing facility here at the ALPA HQ in Zurich. The IQ4 150MP with the RODENSTOCK / ALPA HR ALPAGON 5.6/70 MM, LB, focus on infinity, ISO 50, 10s. The details are simply amazing even without any sharpening.

UPDATE 3: 01.2019 (early)
We have been in contact with P1 since product launch and are waiting for our ordered cables for modification and firmware updates. A new firmware release shall enable the use of technical cameras in January. As soon as we could test this ourselves, we will report.

UPDATE 2: 12.2018
The firmware of the currently delivered IQ4 150 is still not suitable for flash sync. Besides, Phase One has caused incompatibilities due to the introduction of the new 12pin socket. Therefore the usual operation with Copal, ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA Silex Mk II is not yet possible. We will inform you as soon as we see a flash-sync-compatible version of the firmware and also the necessary information for the production of useful release cables. As always, ALPA will try to offer its customers the most efficient cabling and/or adapters possible.

UPDATE 1: 12.2018

Last week we had the chance for testing the abilities of the IQ4 150 MP in term of color cast. They we're able to eliminate lens cast almost complet with the new IQ4. Find unedited tests done with the ALPA 12 PLUS and a SCHNEIDER / ALPA APO-SWITAR 5.6/36 MM, LB. We used the PhaseOne IQ3 100MP and the IQ4 150MP. See the results below:



IQ3 100MP - ALPA 12 PLUS - SCHNEIDER / ALPA APO-SWITAR 5.6/36 MM, LB - Shift 16mm

IQ4 150MP - ALPA 12 PLUS - SCHNEIDER / ALPA APO-SWITAR 5.6/36 MM, LB - Shift 16mm

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Photograph © Brad Kaye



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