Inway Photo 2

08.2017 - Yunwei Shi, the photographing bejing doctor with a travel bug was on the road again. We published some images from his recent trips to Namibia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria.

For example he visited Bled, a Slovenian resort town in the foothills of the Julian Alps, set along the glacial Lake Bled. On a small island in the center of the lake you can find the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria and its steep staircase and bell tower.

He also visited Hallstatt in Austria situated in the southwestern shore of the Hallstätter See. It is possible to tour the world's first known salt mine named Salzwelten, located above downtown Hallstatt. The village also gave its name to the early Iron Age Celtic Hallstatt culture and is a World Heritage Site for Cultural Heritage. Hallstatt is a popular tourist attraction owing to its small-town appeal and can be toured on foot in ten minutes.

Lake Bled, 2017

Hallstatt, 2017

Have a look at the portfolio below and check also his other "Inway" portfolio.
Portfolio: Inway Photo 2
Portfolio: Inway Photo



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