Gregori Civera - On the race track with the ALPA 12 TC

06.2017 - Barcelona based photographer Gregori Civera had the opportunity to document a day at "Circuit de Catalunya" on the outskirts of Barcelona. It was a rainy thursday prior to the Spanish Grand Prix 2017 on sunday and the teams were doing their last training laps. Despite the rain, there were hundreds of fans lined up along the pit lane to see the cars and their drivers.

With his ALPA 12 TC and a RODENSTOCK / ALPA HR ALPAGON 5.6/70 MM LB, Gregori accompanied the HAAS F1 Team around owner Gene Haas as well as the team drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen during their preparations for the Spanish Grand Prix 2017.

© Gregori Civera, 2017 / Financial Times Weekend

The article is an interesting read about the state of the F1 in 2017. Read the full story over at the Financial Times Website.

We have also published a portfolio with the images of the "Circuit de Catalunya".
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© Gregori Civera, 2017



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