Enthusiasts items - ALPA portrait in "Bilanz"

10.2015 - The Swiss economic magazine "Bilanz" features ALPA in their October '15 edition in their section "Luxury - Swiss made“. They also put it into perspective that ALPA is the choice of various photographic professionals, artists and aficionados. Read the full article in their print edition 21/2015, p 88/89 or in the attached PDF. The online presence features a publicly available article on "Luxury - Swiss made" (German only). We also add an article in Bilanz August/2010 on revivals of Swiss brands in general and ALPA in particular (German only).

Link to the PDF article (German only): Bilanz 21/2015 - Liebhaberobjekte

Bilanz 21/2015: Schweizer Luxus ist spitze - noch
ALPA in Bilanz August 2010: Schweizer Marken: Zurück aus dem Nichts



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