Capturing a Green and Fluid World

03.2018 - During spring, ALPA-photographer Michel Thibert spent a month in the forests of Thailand to document what he calls „the human vision in a rain forest with lust of green“. His art’s collection is about capturing, mainly in a panorama ratio, the humidity and lust of greens as well as evoking „that state of true water saturation.“

The photographer also states that, in the last 8 years, his portfolio has evolved from varying technical descriptive captures to this prominence of evocative scenes. To complete his work in Thailand, he will go back to specific regions in the country this autumn. He will also face again the challenges of work in the Southeastern Asian forest: Insects, reptiles, humidity, mud and guides, which are used to deal with regular tourists but not photographers.

© Michel Thibert

The humidity and the mud can seriously damage the equipment, which, in Michel’s case, includes an ALPA Gon tripod head and software for stitching. „I had to protect the equipment from falling down and keep ample quantity of desiccant in a sealed case“, he says.

© Michel Thibert

The stitches he presents so far are captured with the ALPA 12 SWA, the Phase One IQ3 100 MP digital back and the Schneider Apo-Helvetar 5.6 / 43 mm xl and a RODENSTOCK / ALPA HR ALPAGON 4.0/40 MM, LB. Once finished, most of the pictures will be looking into an immense panorama covering 220 degrees by 150 degrees vertically. To do so, Michel captures about 12-20 files of a 100 MIPS sensor. „The dripping colors will be offered in two versions, with one being more interpretative“, he says.

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Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40mm, LB



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