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02.2019 - After the successful workshops last year, we are planning another series of events for 2019. Berlin has proven to be a successful venue and so an "Architecture and Industrial Photography Workshop" and a "Phocus Stacking" workshop will take place in cooperation with p: photography unlimited and ALPA partners. We will again inform you about events in the 2nd semester 2019 in a timely manner.

Architecture and Industrial Photography

6-7 April in German
13-14 April in English

The participation fee is 350 €, which includes two lunches.

Architectural photography is often referred to as the "supreme discipline" of photography, since it not only places very high demands on the quality of the material, but also requires a trained eye and a good spatial understanding of buildings on the part of the photographers. This discipline has always been a domain of large formats and cameras with the possibility of perspective corrections such as shift and tilt.

In the two-day workshop "Architecture and Industrial Photography in the Digital Medium Format", the max. 10 participants work out their personal perspective on an outstanding building of industrial history in Oberschöneweide and its use on the first day. The focus will be on the design possibilities with cameras from the manufacturer ALPA and digital backs from PhaseOne. Among others, the brand new ALPA Plus and the new IQ 150 MP are available.

The second day of the workshop will be dedicated to the development of the image series, the special features of PhaseOne CaptureOne (such as Lens Color Cast Correction and Distortion Correction) and the fine art print of some selected images with large format printers (such as Epson). The course is led by specialists from ALPA, Phase One and Alexander Schippel (architectural photographer and board member of p: photography unlimited e.V.).

The locations: The industrial area in Oberschöneweide was one of the most important industrial locations in Germany and is closely linked to the history of AEG, which rose from here to become a global industrial group. Industrial buildings designed by architects such as Peter Behrens (founding member of the Munich Secession and the Deutscher Werkbund) still characterise the district today.

The rooms of p: photography unlimited e.V. are located in house 15 of the former battery factory (AFA/VARTA). On the loft-like ground floor, the large training room and the digital laboratory are available for the workshop.

Architecture and Industrial Photography in Digital Medium Format - 04.2019
Architektur- und Industriefotografie im digitalen Mittelformat - 04.2019

Focus Stacking in Studio and Architectural Photography

11-12 May in German
18-19 May in English

The participation fee is 450 € which includes two lunches.

The (physically limited) depth of field has always been one of the most important challenges in photography. In digital photography, with its constantly increasing resolution of image data, even the technique of classically stopping down no longer solves the problem. Due to the ever smaller pixels on image sensors, stopping down very quickly leads to line distortions, thus to visibly inaccurate photographic scene depictions and significantly less sharp images. However, digital image processing also results in new solutions.

With the technology of focus stacking, i.e. the „layerwise“ shooting of a subject with an optimal, relatively open aperture, and the subsequent calculation of the individual shots, images are created with an almost unlimited depth of field and thus extremely accurate scene depictions and image quality. Integrated into a well thought-out work flow, the path to the finished image is only slightly longer than with the traditional tilt/shift technique and in many cases, will produce far exceeding results.

The focus stacking technique originates from macro photography. With the appropriate equipment it can also be applied in still life photography as well as architectural and landscape photography. On the first day of the workshop we will dive into the world of studio photography after a short theoretical introduction. For this, several objects in varying sizes will be set up, allowing us to explore exciting and possibly abstract photographic worlds with equipment from ALPA, Novoflex and Phase One. The course will be led by specialists from ALPA, Novoflex and Phase One.

On the second day we will work with the technique of focus stacking in architectural photography. Again, the extensive equipment will be available to participants for testing and use, along with the accompaniment of the above mentioned instructors and the architectural photographer Alexander Schippel. The workshop will conclude with a group discussion of the results.

Oberschöneweide Industry Area, Berlin Germany

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