A Portrait of Germany from the Train Window

10.2017 - Almost all of the projects by the German artist Rüdiger Glatz are conceptual portraits, which are produced by lengthy work. usually years pass before the works are made public. On the website kwerfeldein.de Glatz now gives insight into his project "Travel (Poetry)". After the gift of a Bahncard 100 and becoming the regular train passenger, the artist was inspired by the new means of transport. This resulted in photographs that merged into a "personal portrait of Germany from out of the train window".

Captured with the ALPA 12 TC

For his pictures Rüdiger Glatz experimented with different systems and camera-lens combinations. Ultimately, he chose the ALPA 12 TC with the Schneider / ALPA Apo-Switar 5.6/36 mm lens and a Phase One IQ180 digital back. "This combination is not only incredibly compact for its technical quality, but also very detailed, while allowing me to work in a decelerated and dynamic way," says Glatz.

The final motifs of his project are printed and framed in the format 131x65 cm - which exactly corresponds to the measurements of a window from the ICE2 train of the Deutsche Bahn.

© Rüdiger Glatz

Travel (Poetry) auf kwerfeldein.de
Website Rüdiger Glatz
Schneider / ALPA Apo -Switar 5.6/36 mm, LB



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