Haslam, Andy

Haslam, Andy

Andy has been at the cutting edge of photography for many years. Picked up his Dad’s camera at the age of 8 and never looked back. He had his first exhibition at 18 and his first work published at the age of 20 in the Architects Journal.

He eventually went on his own after stints with the Ancient & Historical Monuments Records in Edinburgh and the, now defunct, Carlton Studios in Manchester where he was quickly learnt the rigors of catalogue and room-set photography.

Having set up his studio in Nottingham he quickly established himself as one of the top three studios in the East Midlands, shooting for many blue chip clients such as:- National Trust, 3M, Sanyo Gallenkamp, and many of the country’s top advertising agencies.

One of the first people to see the many benefits of digital photography Andy quickly became known for high quality creative photography that reproduced beautifully. Working extensively in the digital world since 1986 through film and high-end drum scanning, re-touching through to shooting .

Over the years he has set up and run his own repro company, creative agency and helped many large studios convert from film to digital workflows. Many of the clients are household names such as B&Q, Boots, Argos, Homebase and more recently he had helped establish complex systems and workflows for the likes of New Look, John Lewis, Shop Direct and Kitbag.

Andy possesses a unique set of skills but fundamental to everything is his creative eye, technical prowess and a genuine passion for photography.

An early adoptor of Apple Mac systems he has championed their use in the creative workplace.

Working with an increasing number of top architects, contractors, major construction companies and leading high street retailers Andy’s particular style and approach is well received and sought after.

Projects take him to very diverse locations from beneath the Humber Bridge to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral to beaches around the Med.

Working locally, nationally and internationally – Darwen to Delhi – having passed through Skye, the Lakes, London, Gateshead, Edinburgh, Bradford, Huddersfield, Valencia, Majorca, Portugal – to name just a few - on the way.

These isn’t much he hasn’t shot, but he draws the line at weddings, portraits, pets and press type work although he has occasional done family weddings under threat of death.

Building strong working relationships that stand the test of time whilst still making time to give a helping hand to the ‘smaller’ client giving the same attention to detail without compromise.

As passionate today about all things photographic as he was as a lad of 8. 1958 England UK

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