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The original brand was registered 11 May 1946 in Switzerland.


  • ALPA 12 Meets Pentax 67

  • A Record Breaking Project Taken Into Focus

  • Introducing ALPA Lens Module for Vintage Alpa 35 mm Lenses

  • ALPA/Phase One A-Series in "Le Figaro", Paris

  • New stitching adapter STC/FPS

  • New FPS Lens Module CONTAX 645 Shift

  • ALPA 12 SWA: The New Edition of the Classic

    • The use of FPS-SB17 lenses is possible.

    • An additional 3/8-inch thread at the top of the camera further enhances the combination possibilities, also with a view to the future: ALPA's many new solutions are based on this connector.

    • As an example, use the Universal Rail Adapter, which can be mounted via the 3/8-inch connector. This makes it easy to connect monitors to the camera.

    ALPA Universal Rail:

    ALPA Cameras Are a Save Investment

    The revised 12 SWA is thus prepared for current and future developments. At the same time, we have retained its strengths. For example, the camera can still be personalized by hand grips in different materials and finishes.

    As with all products, we always strive to improve the ALPA 12 SWA in the future. Thanks to the modular design, the owners of an ALPA have the opportunity to upgrade their camera to the latest state, instead of having to replace it at the same time.

    If you have any questions about the ALPA 12 SWA or our other products, please contact ALPA of Switzerland or the responsible dealer in your country. We look forward to your inquiry.

    ALPA 12 SWA
    ALPA Universal Rail

  • ALPA Project Based Solutions: ALPA Focus Stacking

  • When Even Insects Become Huge: Macro Photography With ALPA

  • A Case Full of Possibilities: ALPA GON Tripod Kit

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