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Aug 24, 2014

Julian Calverley iScapes

Julian Calverley is a master of impressive landscape and commercial photography. He is using his iPhone as quick and simple but also creative complement to his ALPA cameras. Read the offprint of the UK magazine "Amateur Photographer", July 2014 with insight to his work with the iPhone and his love for ALPA. Julian also published a lovely little book with iPhone images only. His commercial work can be seen from his website, too. Julian was repeatedly selected for Lürzer's Archive for the 200 best ad photographs of the year.

Link to "Julian Calverley - iPhone Only"

Link to Julian's Portfolio Page

Link to Julian's Commercial Website


pdfJulian Calverley - iScapes (in Amateur Photographer, UK, July 2014)
Julian_Calverley.pdf / 508.7 KB

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