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Feb 26, 2015

ALPA on Novoflex Bellows

The ALPA adapters for the Novoflex Balpro bellows system allow extremely flexible combinations for various photographic tasks.

ALPA offers two different types with V grooves for the Balpro: A straight adapter plate without hooks for mounting ALPA camera bodies or ALPA FPS SB 17 lenses and accessories. The other one is equipped with hooks for mounting the ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA digital back adapters for digital backs or every single ALPA lens plus various accessories like tilt/swing adapters. After the presentation at Photokina 2014 the pre-series was sold out right away. But the adapters will be available again soon.

Together with a native Novoflex adapter the photographer can use a large variety of DSLR bodies or cameras like the popular Sony A7 types together with high-end ALPA lenses. Movements like shift left/right and  swing or rise/fall and tilt can be achieved depending on the mounting orientation of the Balpro. The base rail of the Novoflex Balpro bellows is designed for direct mounting on dove tail style tripod heads.

Attach your digital back with your existing ALPA digital back adapters and combine it with all ALPA lenses. Depending on the focal length macro but also use at infinity is feasible (especially with the ALPA SB 17/34 lenses). 

Together with the ALPA 12 FPS third party lenses with or without built in shutter can be operated.

The very handy Novoflex accessories like the CAST-FINE focus knob enhancer allow a very precise and fine focussing. Here an interesting sample setup with the legendary Carl Zeiss Planar 3.5/135 mm and a Phase One IQ250 digital back with precise live view. The focus lies on the eyeball of Iris (or Iris' iris ;) at full aperture. 

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