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May 14, 2011

"Thoughtful Photography"
by Mark Dubovoy

Mark Dubovoy of Luminous Landscape is reporting about his first hand experiences with the new Phase One IQ180 digital back and his ALPA 12 SWA, the sake of precision and shimming and how he encountered a new level of photography. He calls it "thoughtful photography" - a photographer in sync with his photography and his equipment.

For the complete essay, see: 
"Phase One IQ180 Field Review" by Mark Dubovoy


ALPA equipment used

ALPA 12 SWA rosewood natural
ALPA 12 SWA rosewood natural

Shift Wide Angle, with shift, for handheld and
tripod use

Rodenstock/ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/23 mm, LB
Rodenstock/ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/23 mm, LB

The HR Alpagon 23 mm with the shortest focal length of all digital Rodenstock ALPA lenses.


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