ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod-Pro 75 Set C3940



ALPA TrioPod-Pro 75 Set C3940

This new tripod is slightly heavier than the previous TrioPod, but allows higher shooting positions. The advantages are the interchangeable base in which a central column or levelling calotte can be used. The new base offers the photographer a high degree of flexibility. The leg angles can be set at angles of 23°, 45°, 65° and 87°. A further raster at 155° enables the tripod to be supported on the walls in confined spaces indoors. A particularly innovative feature is the new special 43° locking mechanism, which enables the tripod to be turned around at lightning speed for working close to the ground, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming changing of the central column and/or tripod head. The legs can be tilted 180°, which guarantees a compact package on the move. The kit is completely modular and consists of a base, three carbon legs, the practical drumstick legs for special shooting situations.

Product remarks: ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod-Pro 75 Set C3940, set with C3940 carbon legs (length 161 cm, 4 sections, closed 50 cm) and 3 drum stick legs


Item No 410.100.275
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Length 500 mm
Weight 3200 g


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