ALPA Lens Module Alpa 35 mm


ALPA Lens Module Alpa 35 mm

ALPA Capaul & Weber Ltd. also cares about the owners of historic Alpa 35mm lenses and offers now the possibility to use these vintage lenses on a current ALPA camera by introducing the ALPA Lens Module for Alpa 35mm lenses. Many of these lenses have their own unique image character and are waiting to be rediscovered. And with the merging of still photography and cine / video new perspectives open up.

Product remarks: ALPA Lens Module Alpa 35 mm, for vintage Alpa Pignons 35 mm lenses; for use on conventional ALPA 12 bodies (not FPS); mainly together with digital CMOS backs with electronic shutter or for video purpose


Item No 180.888.001
... D I M E N S I O N S ...
Width 88 mm
Height 88 mm
Length 16 mm
Weight 82 g


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