The ALPA 12 XY (X and Y stand for the two shift movements in x and y axis) is a camera for use on the tripod simply due to its size and weight. These properties are highly desirable there, not least for reasons of stability. This in particular applies when very large movements (shift) have to be accompanied by very precise guidance for multiple stitching. These are all demands which the qualities of the ALPA 12 XY meet in full. For instance in the Bibliotèque nationale de France (National Library of France), Paris, where these cameras are used for the most demanding photographic reproduction work. The special features of the ALPA 12 XY are, however, also used and admired by the world’s leading photographers of automobiles, architecture and landscapes. The ALPA 12 XY is a large piece of equipment designed for professional use for many years. The ALPA 12 XY naturally has those special features you will look for in vain elsewhere: for example, both shift carriages never move beyond the closed camera frame in any position, all shift movements are guided solely by roller bearings and adapters for digital backs can be adjusted to the precision of one-hundredth of a millimeter.

Product remarks: ALPA 12 XY, with independent vertical and horizontal shift, for tripod use only, movements integrated: vertically 70 mm (+45 mm, -25 mm); horizontally 50 mm (r: 25 mm, l: 25 mm); with corresponding adapters tilt or swing movements of up to 5° are possible with lenses in the correct tube; with SB 34 lenses tilts or swings of even up to 10° feasible, price including tripod connector and stitching column


Item No 010.800.018
Width 220 mm
Height 295 mm
Length 25 mm
Weight 2600 g


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