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The begin of the ALPA story leads back to the time of World War II. The first ALPA camera has already been on the market for four years, but it is not until the 19th February 1946, when Swiss manufacturers Pignons SA register the brand. In the following years and decades, ALPA and their 35 mm cameras become legendary.

In the 1990s, the upswing stops. Switzerland’s industry is vastly hit by economic globalization. A lot of manufacturers get in trouble or even close doors. Among them, despite the outstanding products, are Pignons SA. The ALPA 11 remains their last camera. ALPA for its part rises again. 50 years after the registration through Pignons SA, Ursula Capaul and Thomas Weber buy the brand on 29th february 1996. They revive and reposition it as a modular medium format platform. The new ALPA of Switzerland with the ALPA 12 cameras is born.

Since then, another two decades have passed. In 2016, ALPA was celebrating 20 years of medium format with the ALPA 12 platform - as well as 70 years of existence. It was a year of looking back and it reminded us also about the untold stories of ALPA in all these years. Which is why we decided to write them down. We will continuously add the chapters to our website, hoping to share the backgrounds which lead to our products. At the same time we would like to thank all of you for your loyalty and for sharing the spirit.

Today, ALPA is one of the last manufacturers of cameras in Switzerland and an outstanding one in the global market. ALPA cameras are precision tools, made with passionate and skilled craftsmanship for a small group of conoisseurs. Much like musical instruments, these tools require the practiced fingers and the eye of a master. ALPA photographers do not require automatic functions or a constant stream of new models. So we simply provide the same as all good manufacturers of tools and instruments do – the best possible quality in design, material and an open ear for the wishes of our customers.

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  • "Humanoid" by Max Aguilera-Hellweg

    04.2017 - Award-winnig photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg spent six years documenting robot engineering. The result can now be seen in his new book.

  • Buy Your ALPA Camera on Instagram?

    04.2017 - Follow ALPA on Instagram and make striking deals. Our test promotion starts on Sunday, 23 April with a limited stock of used ALPA 12 XY cameras.

  • First ALPA Class in Italy

    04.2017 - As part of the IF/Summer Academy, we arrange the first ALPA Class for photographers. Our three day workshop will take place in Margreid, South Tyrol, Italy from august 23 to august 27, 2017.

  • New ALPA GON in Action

    04.2017 - With the new modular GON, ALPA opens a new perspective to photographers. The parts are universally usable, not only with an ALPA camera. Rosa Araci Henriques pictures of Portugal's Algarve show exactly how it works.

  • More Versatile Than Ever: the New ALPA GON

    03.2017 - A high precision tool like an ALPA camera depends on perfect accessory. That is why we designed the new and highly modular tripod head, the ALPA GON.

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