ALPA OF SWITZERLAND - Hersteller herausragender Kameras

GQ UK 12.2011 - The 100 Best Things in the World

GQ UK lists the ALPA 12 STC with the ALPA iPhone holder as number 2 out of the 100 best things in the world.

"Cars, bars, spas, ta-da! Herewith GQ's compendium of the season's cultural and consumer highlights including the Burberry trench, the new Martin Amis novel and blonde bombshell Amanda Seyfried. It's a Zeitgeist thing!"

2. ALPA 12 STC camera

"Say cheese - This modular camera system, sold as separates, is a thing of wonder, and, being Swiss, has been made to exacting standards. The modules are compatible with backs for both digital or old-style film, the picture quality is second to none and the cameras themselves are instruments of beauty."


GQ UK - the iPad app

Get the GQ app for the Apple iPad and read the whole issue on your iPad. Everything interactive and the ALPA in a 360 degree view.


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360 degree product view

See the ALPA 12 STC with ALPA iPhone holder, Phase One IQ180 and Schneider Apo-Digitar 5.6/43 mm XL and the ALPA HPF High Precision Focusing Ring in a 360° interactive view.

360 degree images by Scanderbeg-Sauer